Company History

1985April Established at Gohon-gi, Meguro-ku Tokyo. A capital was 7.000.000 JPY. October Developed the Non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity/Wow flutter Measuring System. 1986March Head office was removed to Naka-machi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo. August Developed the Wow flutter/Jitter Calibrator. 1988June A capital increased to 10.000.000 JPY. 1989March Head office was removed from Tokyo to Kawasaki.
Developed the Polygon Scanner Jitter Analyzer, which authorized by leading 10 magnetic products suppliers.
May Developed the Geer Transmission Error Measuring System. December Acquired a debt compensated financing of Venture Enterprise Center Foundation with a "Non-contact Laser Doppler Length Measuring System, which has a compatibility of rotary encoder". 1991June Developed the Non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity/Length Measuring System for hot metal tube production line. 1992February Developed the Non-contact LASER SCALER, which is a 1st ACT-brand product and acquired the award of new technology products sponsored by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd. 1993May Developed the Non-contact Laser Doppler Automatic Rail-gap Measuring System for railroad line. 1994May Developed the Non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity/Length Measuring System for rolling press production line of hot metal. 1995February Developed the Polygon Scanner Error Angle Jitter Analyzer. 1996June Developed the Non-contact Laser Doppler (Reversible) Velocity/Displacement/Wow flutter Measuring System. 1997June Developed the CD/CD-R/RW/MD Jitter Meter. 1998March Developed the Non-contact Wire rope Cutting Measuring System. May Developed the Indoor Dome Camera. June A capital increased to 20.000.000 JPY. 1999March Developed the Outdoor Integrated Camera. June Developed the CD Jitter Calibrator. 2000January Developed the DVD/CD/CD-R/RW/MD Jitter Meter. December Developed the CD/DVD TE/HF Level Phase Meter. 2001May Developed the Laser Doppler Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Displacement Measuring System. September Developed the CD/DVD Jitter Measuring Board. 2002November Developed the DVD/DVD+-R/RW Jitter Meter. 2003February Developed the CD/DVD Jitter Calibrator. July Developed the CD/DVD +-R/RW Lpp Checker. 2004May Developed the Rail Cross Section Measuring System. 2005March Developed the Non-contact Laser Doppler 2 Channel Velocity/Wow-Flutter Measuring System. (Compliance FDA/CE marking) 2006November It moves a head office and a factory to 4-7-16, Miyauchi,Nakahara-ku,Kawasaki 2007January Developed the servo analyzer for the OPU. March Developed the Multi-titanper building servomechanism. April Developed the compact servo unit for the BD light picking-up adjustment. October For the light picking-up adjustment and It develops a Defocus on track checker. 2008August Developed the evaluation mechanic for the OPU. 2009February Developed the power meter for the OPU. Developed the laser doppler drip-proof sensor for the line and The signal processor receptacle. December Developed the laser doppler sensor and signal processing unit receptacle digitalization. 2010February It develops train wheel abrasion measuring equipment. March It develops the dwarfing of a laser doppler sensor and a portable (battery drive) signal conditioning receptacle. September It develops multi- scope (the 6 screen oscilloscope). December It develops a usable extraordinarily small Doppler sensor in the engine compartment of the car. 2011February It develops Doppler velocity measuring equipment toward the measurement uses such as the water spout and glass. March It develops a three dimensional chamber (the three dimensional test electric wave camera for the small walkie-talkie development). May It develops low-priced version laser Doppler velocity and a length meter.

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