Company Policy

  1. Only the creation of new value is a significance of existence of the company.
  2. Create innovative ideas for responding to various customers' demands. Their satisfaction leads us to the next stage.
  3. Be aware of potential of Electronics Instruments as advanced measuring system. We challenge any requests from customers with pride and positive attitude.

The ACT is the symbol of our company which three characters mean following words of "ACTive" and "Analog & Computer Technology".

ACT Electronics is a small sized company which has 30 employee, but their 80 percent of members are excellent engineers who have capability to develop the advanced measuring products. In addition, we have excellent cooperating factories with our outside for our products.
We have been developed the Non-Contact Laser Doppler Velocity/Wow flutter/Length Measuring Systems and Wow flutter/Jitter Meters since 1985.

These products are called "a measuring system for next generation " and well received by laboratories and production lines of many manufactures. Above measuring products are required progressive technologies not only electronics but also optics and softwares.

As we conquered technical difficulties, we have been created good results and good relation ships with our customers. We can receive a special ordered measuring system authorized by customer. We believe that we are possible to make an effective help and solution for your business.

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